logo-ibtsIBT Solutions is a supplier of state of the art hardware and software solutions for several application fields, including industrial, automotive, wellness and e-health.

The company was launched on the market in 2013, with over 20 years of experience of the funders in research, design and technology transfer in the field of embedded systems. IBT Solutions addresses in a comprehensive manner both strategic planning and technical design issues. It works so that usability, portability, reliability, wireless connectivity, advanced sensing and low-cost features will characterize the new generation of systems and applications.

IBT can support customers in the analysis of product requirements (cost, feasibility, development time, risks and roadmap), selection of best software and hardware platforms and communication strategy, design and development of integrated firmware, software, operating systems and applications.

Role in the project

IBT Solutions participates in dissemination for SafeCOP. It works in the Use Case 5 – V2I cooperation for traffic management and it provides technical contributions in the development of an On Board Unit able to report car sensor measurements for the V2I cooperation scenario.

Key personnel