♦ WP1 – Requirements: Collection, refinement and consolidation of the requirements and research drivers. These consolidated requirements and research questions will then be the basis for the work of WP2, WP3 and WP4.

♦ WP2 – Safety assurance framework for CO-CPS: Development of the SafeCOP safety assurance framework targeting CO-CPS, which communicate wirelessly.

♦ WP3 – Safe and secure wireless cooperation: Extension of the current protocols such that they provide the required levels of safety and security for CO-CPS.

♦ WP4 – Platform and tool support for safety assurance: Provide platform and tool support to safety assurance.

♦ WP5 – Demonstrators and evaluation: Develop a number of demonstrators to show the applicability of the approach in different industrial areas.

♦ WP6 – Dissemination and exploitation: Advertise SafeCOP goals, plans, and results to academic, industrial, and business network or general public. Ensure communication with stakeholders as well as with standardization organizations and other H2020 projects for cross-fertilization.

♦ WP7 – Project Management: Management of the project, establishing quality plan, risk management plan and communication plans as well as knowledge and IPR management.