RoTechnologyLogoRo Technology was founded in January 2011. Today it is an innovative company where you can meet professionals with many years of experience as well as young talents eager to realize their academic ambitions.

Ro Technology designs, develops and validates applications, tools, firmware and hardware components. Such experience has been acquired through a well-established cooperation with most of the major Italian and European electronic and sw industries, the development of products, and the participation in several EU and National research projects.

Technical experiences:

  • Requirements-User Needs Engineering:
    • Capturing, analysis, verification and validation
    • Traceability, Consistency and Completeness from concepts to products
    • Requirements variability management
  • Interoperability:
    • Interoperability between different applications (processes, methods and associated tools) in order to exchange, understand and then use/transform information
    • Ensure interoperability and integrability, harmonization at suitable levels (semantics, formalisms, tools) between the software engineering processes
    • Connect different kinds of software engineering tools in a seamless and automated way
  • Advanced design and development:
    • Advanced methods and processes for software/firmware development
    • Model-based Approach and Component Based Architecture
    • SW Platform Infrastructure and Basic Services development and deployment, adaptation & tailoring
    • Development of concurrent engineering approach

Role in the project

Ro Technology provides contributions to analysis and modelling risks in SafeCOP, designing and implementing protocol/application data, safety related activities with STAMP methodology. It also contributes to the Runtime Manager definition, safety-related activities and verification&validation methods.

Key personnel