OUH Logo EnglishOdense University Hospital, Denmark, part of the Region of Southern Denmark Department of Cleaning & Patient Services Odense University Hospital (OUH) is one of four university hospitals in Denmark. It is situated in the town of Odense on the island of Funen in the Region of Southern Denmark in the middle of Denmark. The hospital serves national, regional and local needs for hospital care with its more than 403 highly specialized functions.

The hospital has an annual budget of 853 mio. euros, and employs over 11.000 employees. Thehospital performs more than 40.000 operations per year, and discharges more than 100.000 patients per year from 1.010 beds; furthermore the hospital treats more than 1,06 mio. outpatients visits pr. year.

The Department of Cleaning & Patient Services is an auxiliary department supporting a long array of specialties. The department employs more than 500 employees in the central hospital in Odense and its two decentralized divisions in the coastal towns.

The main two functions of the department:

  • Daily cleaning of clinical medical facilities and patients wards
  • Internal transportation of patients and beds between wards and medical treatment

The Department of Cleaning & Patient Services is engaged in several projects using robotic technology, among others in the fields of transportation and disinfection.

Key personnel

  • Carsten Holmer
  • Erik Møller Nielsen