SitoLogoSito is a multitalented company in the field of infrastructure, traffic solutions, logistics, land use, environment and digital services. Sito 40 years of experience in the infrastructure sector and the service provision extends from the entire traffic system-specific strategy of operational planning to traffic planning concerning our living environment and construction period specialist tasks. Sito ensures functional and effective mobility as well as transport as part of a safe, environmentally friendly and competitive community. Sito will concentrate on the road weather station pilot, but also provide ideas and contribution to the overall requirements, research drivers and evaluation metrics.

The main emphasis of Sito will be in activities related the Use Case – “Interactive roadside weather stations and defense against hostile attack”. In this use case RWS and V2I communications will be studied. Road weather stations are typically installed on fixed locations beside the road, collecting different measurement parameters related to weather and traffic, and delivering this data to a single data collection point, typically being the road administrator. The data of the whole RWS network is then combined and delivered to the public via road weather forecasts in TV and radio, as well as online road weather information web sites.

Key personnel

  • Pekka Eloranta
  • Oskari Kaupinmäki
  • Oona Takala