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Center of Excellence DEWSDesign methodologies for Embedded controllers, Wireless interconnect and System-on-chip

The University of L’Aquila is a competitive research and teaching institution in Italy, whose foundation dates back to the Middle Age (1596). The University has seven departments and two centers of excellence (CETEMPS, DEWS) and offers a broad variety of programs in engineering and applied sciences. DEWS started its operations in 2001 after the Ministry of Scientific Research and University awarded grants for the formation of centers of excellence on a competitive basis. DEWS was among the very first organizations that proposed research on the use of networks of sensors, controllers and actuators to solve society scale problems such as health, disaster recovery, transportation systems, and education. Its mission is still very up-to-date as the EU has focused the H2020 program on societal problems.

Role in the project

The University of L’Aquila will focus its contributions on the Wireless Sensor Networks Security topic. In particular, it will contribute to the:

  • Analysis of COTS standard wireless technologies
  • Security (cryptography and IDS) for wireless sensor networks

Moroever, it will contribute to the:

  • Definition of safety assurance framework
  • Definition of the reference “Runtime Manager” architecture
  • Methods and tools for safety assessment

Finally,  The University of L’Aquila will act as country coordinator for all the Italian partners.

Key personnel