AltenSwedenLogoALTEN Sweden develops and delivers expertise for world-leading companies through 1300 committed engineering and IT consultants services. The work tasks cover the full product development cycle with genuine commitment. ALTEN Sweden AB is wholly owned subsidiary of the ALTEN Group. ALTEN is one of Europe’s largest technology and IT consultancy companies with a 20,400 employees and a revenue of EUR 1.54 Billion in 2015. The key business line in the ALTEN Group is with three quarters concerning Engineering and Technology Consulting, represented in 20 countries.  The 18,000 top engineers carry out studies and conception projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.

The globalisation and emergence of new technologies have resulted in industrial manufacturers having to seriously overhaul their Product & Service supply. Adapting to local needs, every shorter product-to-market times, cost control throughout product life cycles, innovation and technological breakthroughs: highly complex parameters for which ALTEN deploys its capacity. The flexibility of ALTENS organisation and project methodologies, is able to speed up product research & development at competitive prices in a process of continuous improvement. ALTENS global operations support for international growth of our customers, either by providing local support to their R&D teams or by managing transnational projects. These assets are why ALTEN has become the technological partner chosen by the largest European companies.

Within SafeCOP, ALTEN will focus on cooperating critical embedded system technology. The role in the project is to execute project management. Questions to deal with for the PMO are how to increase research productivity and to ensure quality for embedded safety-critical systems.

Key personnel

  • Detlef Scholle
  • Gunnar Widfors
  • Anders Claesson
  • Carl-Olof Davidsson