fmi_4c.epsFinnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) produces high-quality services and scientific know-how on the
atmosphere and seas. It provides the services that promote public safety and enhance well-being among people and in the environment, taking into account the needs to maintain preparedness. FMI is Finland’s leading expert in questions concerning the weather and safety, climate change, the impact of the atmosphere on the environment and people, and space and atmospheres. The main objectives are the best possible information about the atmosphere, to ensuring public safety relating to atmospheric and airborne hazards and to satisfy the requirements for specialised meteorological products.
Some of the Institute’s key research areas include development of innovative and intelligent road weather forecasting systems enhancing en-route public safety. These services are delivered to customers and public both in traditional ways and to user/vehicle devices via wireless networking/ cellular systems. FMI has also produced special tailored weather services for derived from meteorological simulation models combined with local measurement data, successfully provided to different locations, A2 highway in Madrid and Sochi 2014 Olympics site area among them. For this purpose, FMI also possess combined Road Weather Station and RoadSide Unit (RWS/RSU) concept station installed nearby FMI facilities in Sodankylä.

Key personnel

  • Timo Sukuvaara
  • Riika Ylitalo
  • Pertti Nurmi