MalardalenUniversityLogoMälardalen University (MDH) is a young and modern university focusing on applied research and education in close cooperation with industry. MDH participates in the SafeCOP project through the research direction Embedded Systems (ES) at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT). ES is the leading research profile at MDH, and the leading group in Sweden in Embedded Systems related research.

The research at ES is organized in 10 mutually supportive and cooperating groups and focus on themes such as:

  • Industrial software engineering including technology and processes for complex products
  • Embedded Systems Software Engineering
  • Design methodologies for real-time dependable systems
  • Static analysis of software
  • Design methods, architectures and communication for embedded systems

ES hosts several large strategic initiatives in close collaboration with Swedish industry, such as the DPAC research profile, the national research programs as SYNOPSIS and FIC, the industrial graduate school ITS EASY. The SafeCOP related research at MDH will involve multiple research groups and will target to extend the state-of-the art in:

  • System-of-systems safety certification
  • Predictable wireless networking

MDH envision the emergence of a viable, holistic and industrial strength approach to facilitate efficient safety certification of embedded systems-of-systems developed from certified components.

Key personnel

  • Hans Hansson
  • Sasikumar Punnekkat
  • Elisabeth Uhlemann
  • Mats Björkman